Recruiting: We need YOU!


I have engaged a saleswoman… my mum! She did a great job of taking my rocket to one of her courses and apparently it was greatly loved. However, one product is not going to get me very far so I need to get creative and creating something new! I have lots of ideas… but unfortunately my artistic and drawing skills don’t quite live up to my vision.

So this is where you come in! Is there anyone with a talent for drawing quite clear and simple pictures, that is willing to invest that into this enterprise? They would then be scanned in and edited slightly to make them work as a set.

Drop me a comment here or send me an email and we’ll see what happens next.

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Let’s start again. There has been a bit of a lull while I was discouraged, and then tried to find new avenues, and then remembered that I already have a busy life. Like, more busy than a lot of busy people. But then Summer Holidays struck and in between volunteering at playschemes and travelling to international weddings and planning my own, I did this crazy thing and opened an Etsy shop!


It is called ‘Therapy Treasures‘ and as yet only has one product, but you have to start somewhere. As yet I have made one sale (to my mum) but that is still bringing things along and I will soon be able to pay back my initial investment! Mum is taking my super-duper rocket along to a training session she is running about working with Autistic children, so it could open up further opportunities. Just need to get a bit creative a bit quickly and expand my stock.


For now, here is what I got up to yesterday morning, all in the name of ‘fundraising’…




Let me know what you think!


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A Re-think


I was encouraged about this blog today, so thought I should update about the progress of my enterprises if anyone’s still reading… the ebay thing didn’t go so well! I only sold one rocket, and after all of the costs involved in listing, made very little profit and just ended up a bit stressed out.

I’m considering trying for a stall at one of these craft markets instead- there’s a lovely one at Kirkstall Abbey where I’m sure parents would pay for resources to motivate their children, and I could do other crafty stuff too. Just got to produce a stall’s worth beforehand, therein lies the challenge! Better get making…

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Blast off!!



It has taken a long time, but I have finally made my first ebay listing, in aid of the global family network. It has taken such a long time because the resource I wanted to sell (see picture) is based on an image I wasn’t sure I could make profit from. I’ve gotten around it by offering the resource as a download for free but selling the service of printing and assembling the whole thing.


This is my super-duper rocket countdown! I used it a lot when doing speech therapy for primary school children, and found it a very good motivator to get five of whatever it was I wanted to do, done. Children like things that look good, things that are shiny, and things they can build themselves. With a laminator, some velcro and a bit of creativity it’s very easy to do!

What’s more, I’m able to make money from a pool that hasn’t already spent out on other fundraising ventures for the same charity. I’m using the skills I already have. I’m providing a service that people would pay for anyway, and I quite like the assembly side of it so we’re all happy! More listings will follow but I think I want to start with a volume I can manage.

Watch this space!

ebay listing * free download *

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Ideas that have been suggested to me so far:

Buy scratchcards. The non-guaranteed nature of this was discussed, but it was concluded that if you spent all of the money on the same roll, chances of success were higher. Still, I’m not sure that counts as using a talent!

Buy shares. This takes the concept of ‘investing’ quite literally! I have no idea how one goes about buying or selling shares, or whether £10 is even an acceptable amount to invest.

Learn to knit. Anyone who’s anyone can knit these days, it would seem. I can’t.

The hunt for ideas continues…

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Hello world!

A Ten Pound Note

From tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow

Ten pounds is not very much in today’s economy, but when it is invested, how far can it go? I’ve been given this note to extend it for the Global Family Network. Look on the ‘About’ page for more information, and in the meantime any suggestions for what I could do with this first investment would be welcomed!

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