Blast off!!



It has taken a long time, but I have finally made my first ebay listing, in aid of the global family network. It has taken such a long time because the resource I wanted to sell (see picture) is based on an image I wasn’t sure I could make profit from. I’ve gotten around it by offering the resource as a download for free but selling the service of printing and assembling the whole thing.


This is my super-duper rocket countdown! I used it a lot when doing speech therapy for primary school children, and found it a very good motivator to get five of whatever it was I wanted to do, done. Children like things that look good, things that are shiny, and things they can build themselves. With a laminator, some velcro and a bit of creativity it’s very easy to do!

What’s more, I’m able to make money from a pool that hasn’t already spent out on other fundraising ventures for the same charity. I’m using the skills I already have. I’m providing a service that people would pay for anyway, and I quite like the assembly side of it so we’re all happy! More listings will follow but I think I want to start with a volume I can manage.

Watch this space!

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One thought on “Blast off!!

  1. Hi Becca – we have only just discovered your blog. It is truly a real Blast!!

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